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Support for Washington Respect for Law Act

The public servants listed below in red boldface have acknowledged the need for "Respect for Law" legislation with their signatures.  Longtime supporters signed this same legislation titled I–409 in 2008.  We thank those individuals!  Those listed below have asked to be your public servants.  Everyone on the list was sent by certified mail a "Respect for Law" petition and cover letter requesting their signature. For the names below not in bold type (i.e., they did not sign either I–409 in 2008, I–1043 in 2009, I–1056 in 2010, I–1122 in 2011, I–1206 in 2012 or I-1348 in 2014) this could signify:
   •  A mistake in our records (please inform us immediately!) 
•   A candidate overloaded with requests, and our questionaire inadvertently overlooked (proof of RW's certified mail delivery is available upon request.)  
•   A candidate's miscalculation that more political spoils are to be gained from pandering to illegal aliens and those who profit from their human traffickers than from upholding his or her sworn oath to the Washington State and U.S. Constitutions.  
•   A candidate's refused delivery of our mailing 
Below is a list of incumbents and candidates for the Washington State Legislature and the U.S. Congress.  Please contact the "less–than–bold" on this list to ask them to join you in signing I–1348 this year.   If you don't know your legislative district number, then find it by visiting the Voter Lookup web page provided by Sound Politics  

Washington State Legislature

Legislative district Signed 
and officeI–409I–1056 I-1206
held or contestedName(2008)(2010) (2012) Phoneemail
1 Rep. Pos 1Vince Demieron/aNo   206–931–3154vince@vincedemiero.com
1 Rep. Pos 1Sandy Guinnn/aNo   425–489–0392jeffguinn@verizon.net
1 Rep. Pos 1Dennis RichterYesYes   425–591–6293dlrichter@rainierwebsites.com
1 Rep. Pos 1Dic Lapinskin/aNo   425–280–8836dlapinski2@hotmail.com
1 Rep. Pos 1Dave Griffenn/aNo   206–931–7104griffinforwashington@gmail.com
1 Rep. Pos 1Luis Moscoson/aNo   206–200–8663lucho4@comcast.net
1 Rep. Pos 1Heidi MunsonYesYes   206–999–7331heidi@munson2010.com
2 Rep. Pos 2James McCuneNoNo   253–732–0519electmccune@gmail.com
2 Rep. Pos 2Marilyn RasmussenNoNo   253–847–3276marilyn@rainierconnect.com
2 Rep. Pos 2Thomas CampbellNoNo   253–380–4545thomasjcampbell@qwestoffice.net
2 Rep. Pos 2J.T. Wilcoxn/aNo   360–400–2011jt@wilcox.org
3 Rep. Pos 1Bob Applen/aNo   509–218–5300cometapple@msn.com
3 Rep. Pos 1Dave Whiten/aNo   509–326–1015Boxersborzois@aol.com
3 Rep. Pos 1Andy Billign/aNo   509–990–9219vote@andybillig.com
3 Rep. Pos 1Louise Cadezn/aNo   509–328–4811votelouise@comcast.net
3 Rep. Pos 2Timm OrmsbyNoNo   509–981–6678vote.Ormsby@gmail.com
3 Rep. Pos 2Hector Martinetn/aNo   509–487–4278RedDogMedia87@yahoo.com
3 Rep. Pos 2Morgan Oylern/aNo   509–499–6735voteoyler@gmail.com
4 Rep. Pos 1Larry CrouseYesNo   509–924–6029crouse588@comcast.net
4 Rep. Pos 2Matt SheaNoNo   509–216–2382matt@voteshea2010.com
5 Rep. Pos 1Gregory Hoovern/aNo   425–392–8768hoover@votehoover.com
5 Rep. Pos 1Jay RodneNoNo   425–890–3336jrodne@comcast.net
5 Rep. Pos 2Dean Willardn/aNo   425–434–8008action@deanwillard.com
5 Rep. Pos 2Glenn AndersonNoNo   425–222–7092glenn.anderson@att.net
5 Rep. Pos 2David SpringNoNo   425–888–3031springforhouse@aol.com
6 SenatorMichael Baumgartnern/aNo   509–847–9568michael@baumgartnerforsenate.com
6SenatorChris MarrNoNo   509–993–3545chris@votechrismarr.com
6 Rep. Pos 1Kevin ParkerNoNo   509–251–1052info@votekevinparker.com
6 Rep. Pos 2John DriscollNoNo   509–998–2947votedriscoll@comcast.net
6 Rep. Pos 2John AhernNoYes   509–838–1380voteahern@gmail.com
6 Rep. Pos 2Shelly O'Quinnn/aNo   509–599–9936shelly@voteshellyoquinn.com
7SenatorBob MortonNoNo   509–684–5132 bobmorton@wildblue.net
7SenatorBarbara Mowreyn/aYes   509–935–7559helovsu@hotmail.com
7 Rep. Pos 1Shelly ShortNoNo   509–935–4085shelly@vote4shelly.com
7 Rep. Pos 2Joel KretzNoNo   509–779–4105joelandsarakretz@wildblue.net
8 Rep. Pos 1Brad KlippertYesYes   509–551–7406brad@bradklippert.com
8 Rep. Pos 1Carol MoserNoNo   509–539–9891carol@carolmoser.com
8 Rep. Pos 2Lawrence HalerNoNo   509–308–1957le.haler@gmail.com
8SenatorJerome DelvinNoNo   509–943–0515jerome@owt.com
9 Rep. Pos 1Susan Fagann/aNo   509–332–1702susan@susanfagan.com
9 Rep. Pos 2Glen Stockwelln/aYes   509–540–6899StockwellStocky@aol.com
9 Rep. Pos 2Joseph SchmickNoNo   509–879–2078people4schmick@colfax.com
9SenatorMark SchoeslerNon/a   509–659–1909mschoesler@yahoo.com
10 Rep. Pos 1Norma SmithNoNo   360–320–3017office@votenormasmith.com
10 Rep. Pos 2Barbara BaileyNoNo   360–240–0844electbarbarabailey@gmail.com
10 Rep. Pos 2Tom Riggsn/aNo   n/atom4wa@gmail.com
10Senator (2008)Mary Margaret HaugenNon/a   360–672–0991marymargaret@marymargarethaugen.com
11 Rep. Pos 1Zachary HudginsNoNo   206–860–9809zack@zackhudgins.com
11 Rep. Pos 1Sarah Sanoy-Wrightn/aNo   253–302–1481sarahm57@yahoo.com
11 Rep. Pos 2John PotterYesYes   206–293–0217potterosa1@msn.com
11 Rep. Pos 2Robert HasegawaNoNo   206–322–4804bob@bobhasegawa.com
11 Rep. Pos 2Jackie Mooren/aNo   425–495–1249jm135711@yahoo.com
11Senator (2008)Juan MartinezNon/a   206–841–3616info@juanforsenate.com
11Senator (2008) Margarita PrenticeNon/a   206–772–6480mlprentice@juno.com
12 Rep. Pos 1Cary CondottaNoNo   509–665–6686ccrc12@yahoo.com
12 Rep. Pos 2Michael ArmstrongNoNo   509–663–0629armstrhome@msn.com
12 Rep. Pos 2Cliff Courtneyn/aNo   509–470–5964cliff4liberty@gmail.com
12SenatorLinda ParletteNon/a   509–884–0260mrhenkle@cs.com
13 Rep. Pos 2William HinkleNoNo   509–201–0309billhinkle@mac.com
13 Rep. Pos 2Anthony Novackn/aNo   509–630–4041novackin2010@gmail.com
13 Rep. Pos 1Judith WarnickNoNo   509–750–7511cbc@atnet.net
13SenatorJenea HolmquistNoNo   509–989–6777 holmquist_ja@yahoo.com
14 Rep. Pos 1Norm JohnsonYesYes   509–314–9668yakimanorm@gmail.com
14 Rep. Pos 1Michele Strobeln/aYes   509–697–5557michelestrobel@votemichelestrobel.com
14 Rep. Pos 1Scott Brumbackn/aNo   509–961–0846scottb@hbbinjurylaw.com
14 Rep. Pos 2Charles RossYesNo   509–653–2340charlesnaches@aol.com
14SenatorCurtis KingNon/a   509–952–4667curtisk@kbwood.com
15 Rep. Pos 1Paul Spencern/aNo   509–223–5756spencerintehgorge@yahoo.com
15 Rep. Pos 1Bruce ChandlerNoNo   509–952–3084chandbq@bentonrea.com
15 Rep. Pos 2David Taylorn/aNo   425–949–6445taylor.15thdistrict@gmail.com
15 Rep. Pos 2Thomas Silvan/aNo   509–952–1249 tsilva@live.com
15SenatorJim HoneyfordNoNo   509–837–2896honeyford.jim@leg.wa.gov
16 Rep. Pos 1Brenda Highn/aNo   509–547–1052brenda@jaredstory.com
16 Rep. Pos 1Maureen WalshNoNo   509–200–1232maureen@walshforstaterep.com
16 Re. Pos 2Terry NealeyNoNo   509–382–2541tnealey@nealey-marinella.com
16SenatorMichael HewittNon/a   509–525–0731Senator16@charter.net
17 Rep. Pos 1Timothy ProbstNoNo   360–989–7817Tim@ElectTimProbst.com
17 Rep. Pos 1Brian Peckn/aNo   360–909–9500bpeck17@yahoo.com
17 Rep. Pos 2Martin Hashn/aNo   360–901–8089martin@hash.com
17 Rep. Pos 2Paul Harrisn/aNo   360–256–4057plharris@comcast.net
17 Rep. Pos 2Monica Stoniern/aNo   360–931–5463monica.stonier@gmail.com
17SenatorDonald BentonYesYes   360–574–7369benton@pacifier.com
18 Rep. Pos 1Jon RussellYesYes   360–624–4934jon@electjonrussell.com
18 Rep. Pos 1Brandon Vickn/aYes   360–609–4363vickforrep@comcast.net
18 Rep. Pos 1Anthony Bittnern/aNo   360–921–2349info@anthonybittner.com
18 Rep. Pos 1Dennis Kampen/aNo   360–635–1920denniskampe@live.com
18 Rep. Pos 1Jon HaugenNoNo   360–907–8340jon@haugen18.com
18 Rep. Pos 1Richard Carsonn/aNo   360–535–9063richcarson@q.com
18 Rep. Pos 1Ann Riversn/aYes   360–751–2317annrivers@tds.net
18 Rep. Pos 2Edmund OrcuttNoNo   360–751–2317mr-ed@kalama.com
18SenatorJoseph ZarelliNon/a   360–666–2401joe@jpzarelli.com
19 Rep. Pos 1Dean TakkoNoNo   360–423–4589dtakko@comcast.net
19 Rep. Pos 1Kurt Swansonn/aNo   360–703–3888ElectSwanseon@gmail.com
19 Rep. Pos 2Brian BlakeNoNo   360–589–0123repbrianblake@msn.com
19 Rep. Pos 2Tim Sutinenn/aNo   360–270–9259tim@sutinen.com
19SenatorBrian HatfieldNon/a   360–942–5188bhatfield@willapabay.org
20 Rep. Pos 1Richard DeBoltNoNo   360–304–7900arnydvs@gmail.com
20 Rep. Pos 1Corrine Tobeckn/aNo   360–754–0793ctobeck@comcast.net
20 Rep. Pos 2Gary AlexanderNoNo   360–754–4543alexandergary@comcast.net
20SenatorDaniel SweckerNon/a   360–273–5890Dan@danswecker.com
21 Rep. Pos 1Mary RobertsNoNo   425–742–0611maryhelenr@verizon.net
21 Rep. Pos 1Ed Boreyn/aNo   206–992–3990ed@edborey.com
21 Rep. Pos 2Marko LiiasNoNo   425–608–5651marko@markoliias.com
21 Rep. Pos 2Alan Tanglen/aNo   206–403–3395votealantagle@hotmail.com
21 Rep. Pos 2Elizabeth Scottn/aNo   206–330–1066elizabeth@elizabeth4state.com
21 Rep. Pos 2Mike Huismann/aNo   206–321–1273mikehuisman@myseniorside.com
21SenatorPaul ShinnNoNo   425–672–5039shin.paull@leg.wa.gov
21SenatorGlen Sayesn/aNo   425–239–3671Sayes4Senate@gmail.com
21SenatorDavid Prestonn/aNo   206–793–5858david@insuranceresourceince.com
22 Rep. Pos 1Steve Robinsonn/aNo   360–250–9483Water4fish@comcast.net
22 Rep. Pos 1Jeremy Millern/aNo   360–456–3517miller4peace@gmail.com
22 Rep. Pos 1Fred Jensenn/aNo   n/an/a
22 Rep. Pos 1Judi Hoeflingn/aNo   360–250–9483friendsofjudihoefling@comcast.net
22 Rep. Pos 1Jason Hearnn/aNo   360–701–3490jason@jasonhearn.com
22 Rep. Pos 1Stew Hendersonn/aNo   360–339–3069stew@stewfor22.com
22 Rep. Pos 1Chris Reykdaln/aNo   360–790–3151Chris4rep@gmail.com
22 Rep. Pos 2Samuel HuntNoNo   360–456–0886repsamhunt@comcast.net
22 Rep. Pos 2Justin Kovern/aNo   360–359–3863justinkover@hotmail.com
22 Rep. Pos 2Chris Wardn/aNo   253–235–2453electchrisward22@yahoo.com
22SenatorKaren FraserNon/a   360–867–0011karenfraser2008
23 Rep. Pos 1Peter DeBoern/aNo   360–649–1806pete@petedeboer.com
23 Rep. Pos 1Sherry AppletonNoNo   360–473–7659 jeanne@sherryappleton.com
23 Rep. Pos 2James Olsenn/aNo   206–276–5242voteolsen23@gmail.com
23 Rep. Pos 2Christine RolfesNoNo   360–471–4592info@electchristine.com
23 Rep. Pos 2Aaron Wintersn/aNo   360–471–9161realwinters@hotmail.com
23SenatorPhillips RockefellerNon/a   206–842–3748rockberry@seanet.com
24 Rep. Pos 1Dan Gasen/aNo   360–417–2804dan@votedangase.com
24 Rep. Pos 1Kevin Van De WegeNoNo   360–477–0548kevinvandewege@hotmail.com
24 Rep. Pos 1Craig Durgann/aNo   360–437–4127durgan@lympus.net
24 Rep. Pos 2Jack Dwyern/aNo   360–470–6382jackdwyerdc@yahoo.com
24 Rep. Pos 2Steve Tharingern/aNo   360–912–2221steve@stevetharinger.com
24 Rep. Pos 2Larry Cartern/aNo   360–437–9224lwc@cablespeed.com
24 Rep. Pos 2Jim McEntiren/aYes   360–437–9224votejmmcentire@gmail.com
24SenatorJames HargroveNon/a   360–532–4747HARGROVEFAM@OLYNET.COM
25 Rep. Pos 1John Thompsonn/aNo   253–841–2030JohnT@ElectJohnThompson.com
25 Rep. Pos 1Bruce DammeierNoNo   253–370–7198tellbruce@comcast.net
25 Rep. Pos 2Dawn MorrellNoNo   253–841–9385dawnmrn25@earthlink.net
25 Rep. Pos 2Ron MorehouseNoNo   253–531–2965ronmorehouse@comcast.net
25 Rep. Pos 2Hans ZeigerYesYes   253–905–8160hans@hanszeiger.com
25 Rep. Pos 2Steve Vermillionn/aYes   253–906–2938steve@stevevermillion.com
25 Rep. Pos 2Larry Johnsonn/aNo   253–535–5161reonmorehouse@comcast.net
25 Rep. Pos 2Bryan Shanern/aNo   253–431–0641info@bryanshaner.com
25SenatorJames KastamaNon/a   253–820–0861jkastama@hotmail.com
26 Rep. Pos 1Sumner Schoeniken/aNo   253–732–7294schoenike@gmail.com
26 Rep. Pos 1Jan AngelNoYes   360–204–0776janangle4u@wavecable.com
26 Rep. Pos 2Larry SeaquistNoNo   253–225–0616larrysequist@comcast.net
26 Rep. Pos 2Doug Richardsn/aNo   253–509–9019dougrichards2010@comcast.net
26SenatorDerek KilmerNoNo   253–219–0320derekforsenato@aol.com
26SenatorMarty McClendonn/aNo   206–818–4308martyforsenate@yahoo.com
26SenatorKristine Danielsonn/aNo   360–895–1246votedanielson@aol.com
27 Rep. Pos 1Janis Gbalahn/aNo   253–376–3393electjanisgbalah@yahoo.com
27 Rep. Pos 1Jessica SmeallNoNo   253–861–5265jessica@smeall.org
27 Rep. Pos 1Laurie Jinkinsn/aNo   253–365–9000info@lauriejinkins.com
27 Rep. Pos 1Jake Feyn/aNo   253–383–5908jakefey@harbornet.com
27 Rep. Pos 1Ken Nicholsn/aNo   253–389–7432ken@nicholsfor27th.com
27 Rep. Pos 2Jon Higleyn/aNo   253–569–0145jon@higleyforhouse.com
27 Rep. Pos 2Jeannie DarneilleNoNo   253–756–0976 Vote4Jeannie@aol.com
27 Rep. Pos 2 Jon Cronkn/aNo   253–592–0881jon@joncronk.com
27SenatorDebbie RegalaNon/a   253–759–9674regs141@comcast.net
28 Rep. Pos 1Steve O'Bann/aNo   253–312–1688steve@steveoban.com
28 Rep. Pos 1Troy KelleyNoNo   800–831–8397troy@troykelley.com
28 Rep. Pos 2Paul Wagemannn/aNo   253–209–5638wagemanp@stolz.com
28 Rep. Pos 2Tami GreenNoNo   253–973–4141tami.green@comcast.net
28 Rep. Pos 2Brian Wurtsn/aNo   253–302–2200bwurts21@hotmail.com
28SenatorMichael CarrellNoYes   253–581–2859mcarrell@hotmail.com
29 Rep. Pos 1Steven CookNoYes   253–677–1064stcook@stcookcampaign.org
29 Rep. Pos 1Jonathan Johnsonn/aNo   253–472–4210electjonwa@gmail.com
29 Rep. Pos 1Connie Ladenburgn/aNo   253–208–6522connie@landenburg.org
29 Rep. Pos 1Bruce Parksn/aNo   253–537–5919parks429thstaterep@yahoo.com
29 Rep. Pos 2Jesse Millern/aNo   253–576–3369 therealmsjsy@gmail.com
29 Rep. Pos 2Steven KirbyNoNo   253–473–3663stevekirby@harbornet.com
29SenatorKen Paulsonn/aNo   253–473–1261kenpaulson@reachone.com
29SenatorTerry HarderNoYes   253–279–8513terryharder@comcast.net
29SenatorSteve ConwayNoNo   253–691–7015steveconway@harbornet.com
30 Rep. Pos 1Shawn Sullivann/aNo   253–335–4948shawn@voteshawnsullivan.com
30 Rep. Pos 1Mark MilosciaNoNo   253–839–7087miloscia@comcast.net
30 Rep. Pos 2Carol GregoryNoNo   253–370–1482alexandria.al@gmail.com
30 Rep. Pos 2Anthony Kalchikn/aNo   206–304–6555info@votealchik.com
30 Rep. Pos 2Ed Barneyn/aNo   253–946–5600edbarney@gmail.com
30 Rep. Pos 2Katrina Asayn/aNo   253–952–2521Katrina@voteKatrinaAsay.com
30 Rep. Pos 2Jerry Gallandn/aYes   253–838–8690jerry@GallandStateRepresentative.com
30SenatorTracey EideNoNo   253–941–7574re-elect-eide@hotmail.com
30SenatorTony Mooren/aNo   206–601–9005info@electtonymoore.com
31 Rep. Pos 1Cathy Dahlquistn/aNo   360–825–0484cathydahlquist@comcast.net
31 Rep. Pos 1Peggy Levesquen/aNo   253–224–8368peggyllevesque@comcast.net
31 Rep. Pos 1Shawn BunneyYesNo   253–863–0157shawnbunney@comcast.net
31 Rep. Pos 2Christopher HurstNoNo   360–663–2608chrishurst2010@q.com
31 Rep. Pos 2Daniel Gesken/aNo   253–549–8191deg81@comcast.net
31 Rep. Pos 2Patrick Reedn/aNo   253–209–4507patrick@electpatrickreed.com
31SenatorPam RoachNoNo   253–735–4210pamroach@aol.com
31SenatorMatt Richardsonn/aYes   253–250–2566mhrichardson@hotmail.com
31SenatorRon WeigeltNoNo   206–387–0512ron4senate@comcast.net
31Senator Raymond Bunkn/aNo   253–906–4265raymondbunk@yahoo.com
32 Rep. Pos 1Art Codayn/aYes   206–992–6166info@artcoday.com
32 Rep. Pos 1Cindy Ryun/aNo   206–605–1588FriendsForCindyRyu@yahoo.com
32 Rep. Pos 1Doris McConnelln/aNo   206–940–1365dorismccon@comcast.net
32 Rep. Pos 2Ruth KagiNoNo   206–365–1137kagi@seanet.com
32 Rep. Pos 2Stan Lippmannn/aNo   206–372–7594stan.lippmann@gmail.com
32 Rep. Pos 2Gary Gagliardin/aNo   206–546–7727garyg@votegaryg.com
32SenatorMaralyn ChaseNoNo   206–775–8449maralyn@maralynchase.com
32SenatorPatty Butlern/aNo   206–542–2737pjbb17@msn.com
32SenatorDavid BakerYesYes   425–485–2974info@BakerInTheSenate.com
33 Rep. Pos 1Tina OrwallNoNo   206–409–3038tina.orwell@gmail.com
33 Rep. Pos 2David UpthegroveNoNo   206–824–7601daveup@comcast.net
33SenatorKaren KeiserNoNo   206–824–2274karenkeisder@comcast.net
33SenatorJack Michalekn/aYes   206–391–1811jack.michalek@comcast.net
34 Rep. Pos 1Eileen CodyNoNo   206–935–9176eileenlcody@comcast.net
34 Rep. Pos 1Ray Cartern/aNo   206–923–0510n/a
34 Rep. Pos 2Joe Fitzgibbonn/aNo   206–949–5127info@joefitzgibbon.com
34 Rep. Pos 2Mike Heaveyn/aNo   206–938–0325info@mikeheavey.com
34 Rep. Pos 2Geoffrey McElroyn/aNo   206–669–0619vote4mac2010@gmail.com
34 Rep. Pos 2Marcee Stonen/aNo   206–658–3514info@marceefor34th.com
34SenatorSharon NelsonNoNo   206–463–5296sharonknelson49@yahoo.com
35 Rep. Pos 1Daniel Griffeyn/aYes   360–229–8896danielgriffey@gmail.com
35 Rep. Pos 1Kathryn HaighNoNo   360–490–1977kathaigh@aol.com
35 Rep. Pos 2Frederick FinnNoNo   360–866–2000fredfinnforstaterep@hotmail.com
35 Rep. Pos 2Glenn Gaithern/aYes   360–229–3209ggaither4house@gmail.com
35 Rep. Pos 2Linda Simpsonn/aYes   360–850–7194lindasimpsonwantsyourvote@hotmail.com
35SenatorTim SheldonNoNo   360–877–5768Senatortimsheldon@gmail.com
35SenatorNancy Williamsn/aYes   360–205–3838grandmsgottarun4senate@live.com
36 Rep. Pos 1Reuven CarlyleNo 206–286–9663mail@reuvencarlyle.com
36 Rep. Pos 2Jill Englandn/aYes   206–427–2620electJILLEngland@comcast.net
36 Rep. Pos 2Mary Lou DickersonNo 206–782–6129maryloudikerson@comcast.net
36SenatorJeanne Kohl–WellesNoNo   206–783–5772jkohl-welles@comcast.net
36SenatorLeslie KleinYesYes   206–854–3868electleslie2010@earhtlink.net
37 Rep. Pos 1Sharon SantosNoNo   206–326–9024friendsofsts@aol.com
37 Rep. Pos 2John Staffordn/aNo   206–722–6338jestaff@msn.com
37 Rep. Pos 2Eric PettigrewNoNo   206–320–8683e.pettigrew@comcast.net
37SenatorAdam KlineNoNo   206–625–0800adam37th@comcast.net
37SenatorTamara SmilanichNoNo   206–779–7999Smilanin37@gmail.com
38 Rep. Pos 1Hugh Fleetn/aYes   360–658–4180hughfleet@gmail.com
38 Rep. Pos 1John McCoyNoNo   425–350–5535johnmccoy1@me.com
38 Rep. Pos 2Michael SellsNoNo   425–923–3765mikesells@aol.com
38 Rep. Pos 2Iris Lillyn/aNo   425–293–3785Iris@irislilly4staterep.com
38SenatorJean BerkeyNoNo   425–438–1763jeanberkey@comcast.net
38SenatorNick Harpern/aNo   206–859–3665nick@nickharper.org
38SenatorRod Riegern/aNo   425–319–8031rodr2010@rodrieger.com
39 Rep. Pos 1Daniel KristiansenNoNo   425–870–6902dk39@clearwire.net
39 Rep. Pos 1Eleanor Waltersn/aNo   360–863–3699eleanor@eleanorwalters.com
39 Rep.Pos 2Kirk PearsonNoNo   360–794–1156kirk@kirkpearson.com
39SenatorVal StevensNoYes   360–435–3367stevens.val@leg.wa.gov
40 Rep. Pos 1Mike Newmann/aYes   360–428–8888mike@mikenewman.com
40 Rep. Pos 1Dusty Gullesonn/aNo   360–441–3473dusty@votedusty.com
40 Rep. Pos 1Chuck Carrelln/aNo   360–595–2286ChuckCarrell@gmail.com
40 Rep. Pos 1Doug Revellen/aNo   360–319–6018yosherevelle@yahoo.com
40 Rep. Pos 1Kristine Lytonn/aNo   360–299–4542mrlytton@fidalgo.net
40 Rep. Pos 1Tom Pasman/aNo   360–708–6355Tom@tompasma.com
40 Rep. Pos 1Thomas Bouchern/aNo   360–588–4314thomas@electboucher.com
40 Rep. Pos 1Justin Van Dykn/aNo   253–970–3074JustinVanDyk@gmail.com
40 Rep. Pos 1Donna Millern/aNo   360–378–2046mountainsnow08@gmail.com
40 Rep. Pos 2Jeffrey R. MorrisNoNo   360–941–5678jeff@morriscampaign.com
40 Rep. Pos 2John Swappn/aNo   360–770–3006john@jetpoint.com
40 Rep. Pos 2Howard Pellettn/aNo   360–293–8126cpellett@cablerocket.com
40SenatorKevin RankerNoNo   360–472–1850info@kevinranker.com
41 Rep. Pos 1Peter Dunbarn/aNo   206–724–5317peter@votedunbar.com
41 Rep. Pos 1Marcie MaxwellNoNo   425–466–8000marcie@marciemaxwell.org
41 Rep. Pos 2Judith ClibbornNoNo   206–232–8941jclibborn@comcast.net
41 Rep. Pos 2Stephen Stradern/aNo   425–746–8530stephen@votestrader.cm
41 Rep. Pos 2Orion Webstern/aNo   619–467–9709WEBSTER.2020@YAHOO.COM
41SenatorRandy Gordonn/aNo   425–246–5727randy@FriendsofRandyGordon.org
41SenatorSteve LitzowNoNo   206–275–2245info@stevelitzow.com
42 Rep. Pos 1Jason Overstreetn/aNo   360–389–2413jason@voteoverstreet.com
42 Rep. Pos 1Al Jensenn/aNo   360–739–1269asjen@comcast.net
42 Rep. Pos 1Michael Smithn/aNo   360–354–2973Michael@SmithfoWashington.com
42 Rep. Pos 1Richard Mayn/aNo   360–220–1624richardmay42@aol.com
42 Rep. Pos 1Craig Mayberryn/aNo   360–441–9903ckmayberry@clearwire.net
42 Rep. Pos 2Kelli LinvilleNoNo   360–671–2619wroehl@comcast.net
42 Rep. Pos 2Vincent Buysn/aNo   360–389–2101vincent@vincentbuys.com
42SenatorDoug EricksenNoNo   360–920–3276Doug@DougEricksen.com
42SenatorPat Jernsn/aNo   425–737–8674patjerns@gmail.com
43 Rep. Pos 1Jamie PedersenNoNo   206–370–7987jamie@peopleforpedersen.org
43 Rep. Pos 2Frank ChoppNoNo   206–632–6982chopp.frank@leg.wa.gov
43 Rep. Pos 2Kim VerdeNoNo   206–325–6190voteforverde@gmail.com
43SenatorEd MurrayNoNo   360–701–0053ed@EdMurrayforSenate.com
44 Rep. Pos 1Shahram Hadiann/a Yes   425–772–8222s.hadian@hadian2010.com
44 Rep. Pos 1Hans DunsheeNoNo   360–568–5204hansdunshee@comcast.net
44 Rep. Pos 1Bob McCaughann/aNo   360–568–5326info@VoteBob44th.org
44 Rep. Pos 2Mike HopeNoNo   425–449–2930hopems@comcast.net
44 Rep. Pos 2John Boergern/aNo   425–405–5097john4wa@gmail.com
44SenatorSteve HobbsNoNo   425–334––5524info@electhobbs.com
44SenatorRyan Ferrien/aNo   425–923–6066ryan@ryanferrie.com
44SenatorDave Schmidtn/aNo   425–495–3033dave@daveschmidt.org
44SenatorLillian Kaufern/aNo   425–345–2703lilliankaufer@gmail.com
45 Rep. Pos 1Roger GoodmanNoNo   425–736–9043roger@rogergoodman.org
45 Rep. Pos 1Kevin HaistingsNoNo   206–794–5900Kevin@kevinhaistings.com
45 Rep. Pos 2Larry SpringerNoNo   425–822–2907larry@larryspringer.org
45 Rep. Pos 2Mark Isaacsn/aNo   425–248–3826info@votemarkisaacs.com
45SenatorEric OemigNoNo   206–595–3013Senator@oemig.com
45SenatorAndy Hilln/aNo   425–577–7269andy@andyhillforsenate.com
46 Rep. Pos 1David Frocktn/aNo   206–406–1344frocktforhouse@gmail.com
46 Rep. Pos 2Beau Gundersonn/aNo   425–999–4070beau@beaugunderson.com
46 Rep. Pos 2Phyllis KenneyNoNo   206–526–5236kenneylp@aol.com
46SenatorScott WhiteNoNo   206–310–7970scott.white46@comcast.net
47 Rep. Pos 1Mark HargroveYesYes   253–939–8480Mark@MarkHargrove.org
47 Rep. Pos 1Geoffrey SimpsonNoNo   253–630–3498geoff@votesimpson.com
47 Rep. Pos 1Nancy Wyattn/aNo   253–234–4639nancy@nancywyatt.
47 Rep. Pos 2Patrick SullivanNoNo   253–740–6772pat@votepatsullivan.com
47 Rep. Pos 2Rodrigo Yanezn/aNo   253–709–2790ryanez@vote4yanez.com
47SenatorClaudia KauffmanNoNo   253–737–4622claudia@claudiaforsenate.com
47SenatorJoe Fainn/aNo   253–293–5633contact@votefain.com
47SenatorMatthew Sasn/aNo   206–349–4428Sas@SasforSenate.com
48 Rep. Pos 1Diane Tebeliusn/aNo   253–273–8988info@diane2010.org
48 Rep. Pos 1Ross HunterNoNo   425–637–8149ross@rosshunter.net
48 Rep. Pos 2Philip Wilsonn/aNo   425–242–8053philiplwilson@gmail.com
48 Rep. Pos 2Deborah EddyNoNo   425–827–9105deb@debeddy.net
48SenatorRodney TomNoNo   425–466–1030rodney@rodneytom.com
48SenatorGregg Bennettn/aNo   425–999–6494gregg@bennettforsenate.org
48SenatorRonald Fullern/aNo   425–214–4656rgfuller@rgfuler.org
49 Rep. Pos 1Jim JacksNoNo   360–989–7737info@jimjacks.com
49 Rep. Pos 1Bill Cismarn/aYes   503–381–0088wcismar@comcast.net
49 Rep. Pos 2James MoellerNoNo   360–903–5115electjim@jimmoeller.org
49 Rep. Pos 2Craig Rileyn/aYes   360–953–0300craig@electcraigriley.com
49SenatorCraig PridemoreNon/a   360–904–0839craig@craigpridemore.com

U.S. Congress

Congressional  Signed 
district and office I–409 I–1056
held or contested Name (2008) (2010) Phoneemail
CD1 Congress Matthew Burke n/a Yes 206–251–6007 matthew@matthewburkeforcongress.com
CD1 Congress James Watkins n/a Yes 206–400–6634 James@WatkinsForCongress.com
CD1 Congress David Schirle n/a No 206–331–1981 doc@1stchoicewa.com
CD1 Congress Jay Inslee No No 206–533–0575 info@jayinslee.com
CD2 Congress John Koster n/a Yes 360–926–2235 info@kosterforcongress.com
CD2 Congress Rick Larsen No No 425–259–1866 rick@ricklarsen.org
CD2 Congress Larry Kalb n/a No 360–927–2729 lkalb@openaccess.org
CD2 Congress John Carmack n/a No 425–946–7003 info@carmackcongress.org
CD2 Congress Diana McGinness n/a No 206–999–7038 diana@dianaforcongress.com
CD3 Congress David Castillo n/a Yes 360–539–9559 info@castilloforcongress.cm
CD3 Congress Norma Jean Stevens n/a Yes 360–665–2476 normajeanforcongress@msn.com
CD3 Congress Jaime Herrera Yes No 360–887–3546 info@jaimeherrera.com
CD3 Congress Cheryl Crist n/a No 360–754–7631 cristforcongress@gmail.com
CD3 Congress Denny Heck n/a No 360–481–5052 denny@denyheckforcongress.com
CD3 Congress David Hedrick n/a No 360–852–1040 david@davidwhedrick.com
CD4 Congress Shane Fast n/a Yes 509–582–6923 shane15@charterinternet.com
CD4 Congress Rex Brocki Yes Yes 509–654–9776 rexbrocki@gmail.com
CD4 Congress Doc Hastings No No 509–736–1510 info@dochastings.com
CD4 Congress Leland Yialelis n/a No 509–264–7876 leland4congress@gmail.com
CD4 Congress Richard Hastings No No 509–736–1510 info@dochastings.com
CD4 Congress Mary Ruth Edwards n/a No 509–832–0239 edwardsforcongress@gmail.com
CD5 Congress Randall Yearout n/a No 509–385–5964 info@yearoutforcongress.com
CD5 Congress Cathy McMorris Rodgers No No 509–624–1199 cathy@cathyforcongress.com
CD5 Congress Daryl Romeyn n/a No 509–922–0490 romeynforcongress@yahoo.com
CD5 Congress David Fox n/a No 509–452–6827 lawtalkinguy4u@yahoo.com
CD5 Congress Clyde Cordero n/a No 509–270–9906 clydecordero@gmail.com
CD5 Congress Barbara Lampert n/a No 509–328–7728 n/a
CD6 Congress Doug Cloud Yes Yes 253–627–3133 doug@dougcloud.com
CD6 Congress Jesse Young n/a Yes 253–432–0200 Jesse@JesseYoungForCongress.com
CD6 Congress Norm Dicks No No 253–272–5884 norm@normdicks.com
CD7 Congress Don Rivers n/a Yes 206–722–2244 info@donovanrivers.org
CD7 Congress Write In: Steve Beren Yes Yes 206–335–3659 info@berenforcongress.com
CD7 Congress Jim McDermott No No 206–818–6225 mcdermott@mcdermottforcongress.com
CD7 Congress Bob Jeffers n/a No 206–365–0952 bobjefshr@comcast.net
CD7 Congress Scott Sizemore n/a No 408–206–2113 votesizemore@gmail.com
CD7 Congress S. Southerland n/a No n/a sutherep7@live.cm
CD8 Congress Ernest Huber n/a Yes 425–270–5692 ernesthuberforcongress@gmail.com
CD8 Congress Dave Reichert No No 425–455–3283 dave@davereichertforcongress.com
CD8 Congress Tom Cramer n/a No 425–643–0499 tomcramer3229@yahoo.com
CD8 Congress Boleshaw Orlinski n/a No 425–785–9003 orlinksi@comcast.net
CD8 Congress Keith Arnold n/a No 253–333–8243 karnold@votekeitharnold.com
CD8 Congress Suzan DelBene n/a No 425–203–1220 suzan@delbeneforcongress.com
CD8 Congress Tim Dillon n/a No 425–999–6458 tim@dillonforcongress.com
CD8 Congress Caleb Mardini n/a No 425–998–6838 caleb@calebmardini.com
CD8 Congress Robin Adair n/a No n/a robinadair102@mac.com
CD9 Congress Richard Muri Yes Yes 253–581–5609 Dick@DickMuri.com
CD9 Congress James Postma No No 253–441–0541 jim@postma.com
CD9 Congress Adam Smith No No 253–572–6125 info@electadamsmith.com
CD9 Congress Roy Olson n/a No n/a olson4us@thurston.com